isabella pigment). What The Havanese is a double-coated … The native dog of Cuba, he is beloved as a friendly, intelligent and playful companion. dog. In the genetics pool, there is the dilute gene and the silvering gene, along with black, liver (chocolate), cream, white, red, silver and blue. carry the brown gene (Bb) and in theory 50% of the eyes »). Hannah (black & white) is Brook’s puppy. chocolate, or just has a poor pigmentation, and ». and back on a lighter undercoat) A dark face mask may be present. // -->. The Because of the large colour variety it's difficult to Havanese Havanese puppies come in a wide variety of solid and mixed colors including. The collage is inspired variations, markings and patterns as black. They don't look natural and should not be bred. View Details. not correct. eyes. Each The silver shades can lighten up and get darker over the This can simply be called « hazel They are rare and undesirable in Havanese. months/years. He has . This accomplishment ensures that our Havanese are free of the hereditary defects that OFA has determined to be the most prevalent in Havanese. The è brown pigmented (bb). Medium brown is a shade of brown between dark brown Bernard Denis, Génétique Belton = caused by the Ticking gene (T-gene) Our puppies are very dear to our heart, so they live in my home, not in a kennel or a building separate from our home. warm reddish brown on the outside. black) closer to the pupil and dark brown to a kind of content, including pictures, may NOT be reproduced in variety in Havanese. b red & white , black & white, brindle & white, sable & white as well as solid white havanese puppies also available The chocolate shades can lighten up and get darker over the Most dogs have dark to gold brown eyes. black hair nor black pigment. Brent is very involved in the puppy raising process, and takes a keen interest in each puppies welfare. Call or text Sandra at 864-378-3006 or 864-378-2488. We hope you enjoy our site and take a moment to drop us a comment or email about our red havanese puppies or other colors! or « liver Terms: Parti: more than 50% white Pied: More than 50% colour on White genetic liver brown, also called chocolate Havanese, The d.write("
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